Earn Extra Money as a
 Stay At Home Fundraiser Director

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Perfect for schools, athletic teams, churches and more.


“Best Cooling Sheets and Best Sheets for Night Sweats...”

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Your Fundraiser + Our Sheets = $$$

Our Sheets speak for themselves
and so do our customers!


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What Does
A Fundraiser Director Do?


Build a fundraiser drive portfolio from their personal network of schools, social clubs, team, religious organizations and/or by reaching out to any organization or school that has a need to raise funds

Manage their active fundraisers by monitoring activity, motivating team members, and working directly with the fundraiser organizers to ensure a successful drive


Communicate effectively with organizers offering guidance, strategies, creative ideas


*Training provided and commission is paid to the Director from every qualifying sheet set sold, with no minimum number of fundraisers required. Run one drive or several at any time, based on how much you'd like to earn.

Benefits of   fundraising
with PeachSkinSheets®

Special non
profit pricing

Perfect for schools, churches and more.

$20 per set goes
to organization

Easy online ordering
and delivery

Sheets are
easy to sell

Special non-profit pricing and organization keeps $20 per set.

Sheets won't cause weight gain or allergic reactions like food products.

Website orders shipped out nationwide within 2 business days

Everyone loves the quality and beautiful colors.

Most homes have 3-4
beds for multiple sales.

No subscriptions or expiration dates.

Customers can easily contact us if there are ever any questions or concerns

No fuss delivery ...
all drives are done completely online

Complimentary Fabric Swatches for customers.

Highest payout in the industry.

Easy to sell since everyone needs them.

Online makes it easy for you to sell to out of state family members, friends.

No investment for inventory as all items are direct purchase.

Bed sheets make practical gifts.

“The Best Cooling Sheets for Sweaty Sleepers, According to Sleep Experts…”

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“Stay Comfortable All Night Long with These Expert-approved Cooling Sheets...”

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"This was honestly one of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers my dance team has ever done! We will definitely be using again in the future!"

Liz D.
Fort Mill High School

"One of the easiest fundraisers I’ve ever done. Great product, easy to sell and great company to work with! Will be doing it again!!!"

Jan W.
Spottsville Baptist Church Relay For Life Team

“We had many customers buy the morning of the fundraiser and by the end of the fundraiser, they were purchasing more sets."

Mary S.
Lemon Grove Assembly #272

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